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We are excited to look back at the work we have produced and the people we have worked with since 2013. 

  • 12 festivals with Battersea Arts Centre and the Collaborative Touring Network (2013-2019)

  • 2 new productions with the Collaborative Touring Network (Bunker of Zion / Burnt Out In Biscuit Land)

  • Partnered with Garsington Opera for three years (2015-2017), presenting opera screenings, workshops in six schools, school performances alongside the company and community performances in our town centres. 

  • Visited some xxx venues with #MadVentureVan 

  • (WWX, Caring for Connor, High Street, TC, Peterborough, Broadstairs Band Stand, Newington Green)

  • Performed in Xxx spaces around Thanet 

  • (TC, WWX, Old Town, TRM, Ramsgate town centre, Winter Gardens, Broadstairs town centre and seafront, Cliffs End, Newington, Old Kent Market, Ellington Park, 

  • Presented xxx workshops around Thanet

  • Supported xxx actors, writers and performers to trial and test new work

  • Given the earliest opportunities to test new work by Bridget Aphrodite & Quiet Boy; Megan Garratt Jones; Lunatractors; Pink Suits; xxxxxx

  • Run xxx meet/learn/explore sessions with artists through TNT/Flex/PACT

  • Performed at xxx Christmas town centre events in Thanet

  • Used the Covid lockdown to run our first digital project Back To The Future

  • Adapted to Covid restrictions by taking our planned Christmas show out to families on their doorstep, the following April!

  • Presented companies including: Danny Braverman; Little Bulb; Touretteshero; Polar Bear; Dad Dancing (namecheck festival performers/ances……..)

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