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We Are Nearly Normal

Set up by Ellie Jones and actor Stephen Crane, this is street theatre specialising in choreographed close encounters with the public. We Are Nearly Normal (WANN) develops new work in partnership with companies and arts organisations and its existing catalogue goes out on tour to festivals, shopping centres and public spaces around Kent. Scenarios include The Flight Team; Astronauts; Ghosts; Vintage Clowns; Loud Librarians; Christmas Elves and Cupids. Performances always bring not only smiles but a real sense of connection in audiences, whose opportunity to see live performance is often limited and frequently impossible to afford. ​

We Are Nearly Normal has been a part of Looping the Loop since we first began. They have strutted their stuff all over the Isle and beyond, at Dreamland, Addington Street Fair, Margate Carnival, Caring for Connor, Ramsgate Xmas Lights, Westwood Cross and for Jumped Up Theatre in Peterborough to name but a few. The image below is from Ramsgate town centre, on a wet horrid day, working with the Tandoori Restaurant as part of enlivening the High Street, soon after the town became a Heritage Action Zone with Historic England. 

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